Searching the Internet
Almost any information, which can be described in text, sound or pictures is available in the Internet. But there are billions of Internet pages which can make it complicated to get quick and easy access to this information. This chapter will focus on strategies for a more effective search.

This section contains the following articles:

Search places Some sites in the Internet do not provide content of their own but have specialized in providing help with the Internet search. This article will describe such search places and tries to give an orientation which place will be the best to search at depending on the searched item.

Search requests The best Search strategy depends not on visting the best search place alone but also on your search request. All in all it is a question of where to go and what to ask for. Your search request has to be precise enough to get the wanted result but not too precise to avoid filtering out too many suitable results. There is no general solution as both the search place and the search request will depend on the target of your actual search.

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